Since of some banning requesting I am thinking of an new system this system will go like this. First the person who wants to send in a ban request they send it to an premade page called "Pirates Online Players Wiki:Ban requests" then 10 randomly selected users (that have 50 edits on pages) vote on it with a template page (so it doesn't spam up the activity) the voting will last for 1 day for the 10 active users on, remeber this will need 2/3 for oppose to win and a 2/3 for support to win if not then the ban request is rejected and if it is rejected then the ban request cannot be posted on the wiki if it isn't then it'll get posted on the wiki. The person who decides the 10 randomly selected is going to be an admin who wasn't there and doesn't pick sides.

I am only doing this for more organized banning requests because lately there has been alot of requesting, and also get rid of the some of the drama of it.

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